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IDSA National Design Award Winner   •   Permanent Design Collection - MUSEUM OF MODERN ART

Ribbon Bike Rack Clearances

If mounting the rack parallel to a wall, be sure to leave a minimum of 2-1/2 feet from the wall and 4-1/2 feet on the other side of the rack for bicycles. If mounting the rack perpendicular to a wall, be sure to leave a minimum of 1-1/2 feet from the wall, as the end counts as a space.

Ribbon Bike Rack Placement Considerations

If racks are to be placed in parallel positions, be sure to allow 12 feet on center of spacing between the racks. This permits 4-1/2 feet clearance for bicycles on each rack, with a 3-foot common area in between for ingress and egress. If racks are to be placed in a series, allow a minimum of 2 feet on center, end to
end, to achieve maximum rack capacity. Please note: the racks can be placed 1 foot on center to achieve a “continuous” look, but this will result in a loss of one space, as the end position counts as a space.

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