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IDSA National Design Award Winner   •   Permanent Design Collection - MUSEUM OF MODERN ART

Ribbon Bike Rack Technical Specs

All standard units made from ASTM A53/A500 SCHD 40 steel pipe (2.375" OD X .154 wall), hydraulically bent with a mandril, hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication.

The RIBBON BIKE RACK is available in ASTM A312 SCHEDULE 40 TP 304 stainless steel, satin #4 finish---optional and extra.

Installation Methods
Inground Anchor Mount---standard
Surface Flange Mount---optional and extra

General Information
‘RIBBON’ and the Brandir International Inc. logo are trademarks of Brandir International Inc., used exclusively by AAA Ribbon Bike Rack Co. Delivery time: Six weeks or sooner from receipt of order.

Important Considerations
Colors: (Painting/Coating)---Painting or coating the rack will result in a maintenance problem, as no coating will withstand the abuse of the bicycles. Powder coating cannot be maintenanced; an enamel finish will chip. AAA Ribbon Bike Rack Co. has the best solution where color is essential. To find out how to achieve an appropriate color with a minimum of maintenance please see painting instructions.

Materials: Steel tubing or aluminum are not suitable materials for a bicycle rack. Pre-galvanized material will flake and crack during manufacture. AAA Ribbon Bike Rack Co. uses heavy-duty steel pipe, hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication to provide security and durability.

Manufacture: Hydraulic bending with a mandril, as used by AAA Ribbon Bike Rack Co., insures smooth and aesthetic curves on the Ribbon Bike Rack. Press bending leaves an indentation; other methods flatten outer curves and crimp inner curves.

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